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Learning with Le Wagon

Dec 2020

How much Data Science can you really learn in 9 weeks? [...]really quite a lot, it turns out.

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I am currently looking for a new position as a Machine Learning Engineer

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FiveStar is the final project that my group worked on during the final 2 weeks of our Data Science Bootcamp with Le Wagon London.

The concept is based around Airbnb listing reviews, which are scored from 1 to 5 stars. Many people have looked at trends and patterns in this data, but we wanted to focus on a particular area and question:

How can a host increase the average review score for their listing?

In particular, we sought to identify features that were of particular importance in determining the review score and create an interface to relay this information in a meaningful way to Airbnb hosts.

Learning with Le Wagon

How much Data Science can you really learn in 9 weeks?

If the course is run as well as the one offered by Le Wagon, really quite a lot, it turns out. It has been very hard work, not made any easier by lockdown, but even this has just helped show jsut how far these guys will go to offer an outstanding learning experience to those witght he motivation to persue it.

I was fairly fortunate to have a strong coding and MAthematics background coming into the course and was able to really enjoy learning so many completely new things that culminated in our ambitious FiveStar project.

Massive thanks to all the staff who helped batch 475 make it through to the end and graduate!

About Me

I completed a Data Science Bootcamp at Le Wagon in London in December 2020. Before this I have been a Teacher of Mathematics and worked on several of my own coding projects, particularly apps to interface with the EVE Online API. Now I am Excited to embark on a career as a Machine Learning Engineer.


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